Bizyman - Personal Assistant for Busy People

Bizyman is a location-based task and asset management solution for on-site customer services and mobile businesses. Bizyman provides direct value for any business with location-based tasks, such as courier and delivery businesses, on-site field services, infrastructure works, home care services, sales and customer services or just any business that requires to be on site.

  • Create

    Collect the tasks of your organization and assign priorities.

  • Organize

    Manage task attributes, discuss open questions and track progress

  • Optimize

    Automatically plan the best schedule and assign tasks to your team

  • Resolve

    Get your work done with the most efficient tour plan and document your work.

Location-based Task Manager

Nowadays, with the success of mobile devices and mobile internet, lots of (productivity) apps exist for navigation, calendars and management of tasks. Customers use their smartphones to travel from one place to another, calendars are synced between multiple devices and to-do lists make it easy and convenient to write down notes.
Bizyman combines all of these aspects: navigation, calendar and task management, because almost every task has a spatial and a time component!

  • Operation planning
  • Personal journey assistance
  • Geofencing
  • Automated notifications
  • Tracking
  • Export of logbooks
  • Detection of conflicts
  • and a lot more

Bizyman is currently in development and has not been released yet. Please contact us for further information.

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Task Manager

Our technology will assist users and teams in managing their remote tasks and journeys more efficiently. It will allow users to seamlessly switch between devices: for instance to input appointments on their smartphones, receive personal guidance while being en route and later access logbooks on Desktop PC's. By using mobile devices as well as their sensors (GPS, Wifi, internet, camera, etc) we try to minimize human interaction and provide a maximum of automation.

Tour Planner

Tour planning and scheduling can become extremely complex and hard to solve, especially for larger teams or fleets, taking into account various constraints. But the benefits are obvious and easy to measure in terms of increased productivity, efficiency improvements and cost savings. By extending a “location-aware” task manager with tour planning and scheduling capabilities we offer a service for mobile users, that will noticeable simplify and optimize their work routines.


Facilitates On-site Customer Services

Optimizes Business Processes

Integrates Service Workflows

Fosters Mobility and Service Quality

Software as a Service

Open Source Technologies