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About Us

Georepublic specializes in the development and marketing of IT solutions in the field of geographical information systems, (GIS) logistics and business intelligence based on open source software projects. We generally make use of open source technologies as much as possible in order to benefit from the open source community and development model.

Georepublic is a company that aims to apply the "open community culture" to business. Therefor our team members all have a strong background in Open Source and community projects. Georepublic gives everyone the freedom to choose working place as well as working time. Our development tools allow us to collaborate efficiently independent from location and time zone. Our team is distributed all around the world, so our scope is "global" by nature.

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The team of Georepublic is truly international with a global mindset.


We love to work with cutting edge technologies and pushing the borders.

Open Source

Georepublic strongly believes in the advantage of Open Source software development.


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