• ZIP Files in Django Admin and Python

    Recently, I have been involved in a survey project for Tokyo University. I’m in charge for making the back-end API for the application. To complete this project, I have been using Django, with the Django REST framework. The backend uses a PostgreSQL...

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  • Using the PostGIS Data Reader for GraphHopper

    To use the PostGIS Data Reader for GraphHopper described in the previous post, please do the following: Download the package in https://github.com/mbasa/graphhopper. As of this writing, the most stable can be found postgis-0.11 branch. So change the...

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  • GraphHopper with PostGIS Data Reader

    GraphHopper is a new fast routing engine that is written in 100% Java. It is very memory efficient and is able to load large amounts of road data when creating routing networks for fast searches. And since it is written in Java, GraphHopper is easily...

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  • Catchment Area Calculation with pgRouting

    This post is written as response to Michal Zimmermann's article "Routing with pgRouting: Catchment Area Calculation". Michal's article was interesting to read, and it definitely contains some valid points of criticism. The drive-time polygons definitely...

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  • pgRouting preview: the new VRP solver

    This is a guest post of "St. Nikolaus". It is written for the Japanese FOSS4G Advent Calendar 2013 and it’s probably again the only one in English as in 2012. St. Nikolaus (Source: [1]) Let me introduce myself: My name is "St. Nikolaus"...

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  • Pgrouting logo

    The pgRouting Team is pleased to announce the release of pgRouting 2.0.0

    This 2.0 release brings a number of major new features: All Pairs Shortest Path, Johnson’s Algorithm NEW All Pairs Shortest Path, Floyd-Warshall Algorithm NEW Shortest Path A* Bi-directional Dijkstra Shortest Path NEW Bi-directional A*...

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  • Japan

    The Cuisines of the world

    Tags or tagging are quite underrated in mapping where colourful lines/dots make up for most of the look and feel. OpenStreetMap as the name says is an open map but also is a open geographic database licensed under ODBL. The beauty of the data is...

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  • Treemap

    Leaflet example with WFS-T

    This article is supposed to be No. 15 in the Japanese FOSS4G Advent Calendar 2012 and it's probably the first and last one in English for this year. First I wanted to build pgRouting Ubuntu packages and write about it, but then I saw the other great...

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  • Georepublic Blog

    Georepublic hat diese Woche das neue Büro im Business Incubator der Osaka City University bezogen. Das Büro ist zwar nicht gross, dafür aber angenehm ruhig, und die technischen Einrichtungen der Universität, vor allem die Internetanbindung, sind hervorragend...

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